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I have a few QoL / Feature requests I'd like to mention. (I'm sure some/all of these have been mentioned before, just wanted to give my 2 cents)

1. Ladders. I know ladders are part of a lot of buildables, but it would just be nice to have specific ladders that can attach to walls and platforms and ledges and stuff so aligning them isn't a pain in the ass. Stackable conveyors kind of sort of work, but they also suck as ladders imo.

2. Multiple Hotbars. I know others have mentioned this, but I think it's really important. The hotbar we have now is okay, but if we could swap between multiple bars with the F1, F2, F3, etc keys, that would be so so helpful when doing a lot of building. I know it would probably require some UI rework though, especially for assigning things to each bar. Also, color coding them or something might be helpful.

3. Faster tear downs / deconstruction. My wife and I have put dozens of hours into her game and it's really frustrating whenever we decide we need to "refactor" things and tear down large amounts of what we've built. It takes so long and it's easy to mess up and it's just not fun. I think the current destruction mechanic works fine for individual things, but is very poor for large quantities. I think some sort of "bulk teardown mode" would be really great (maybe call it the refactor(y) tool/mode? haha). Once you enter, you can use the tool to select/unselect what you want torn down, then confirm at the end and boom, everything is torn down at once, the game doesn't crash, and only a single inventory overflow box with everything in it. (or at least as a stop-gap, being able to use the existing tool without having to hold the button would be a big improvement. i know it's more dangerous, so i think it should be a specific toggle or something, but still there needs to be *something*.)

4. Inventory stacks need work. I think as a first pass you guys did a decent job with inventory stack numbers for various things, but some of them really feel like they need to be increased.. Screws comes to mind, but there are a lot of them that just seem way too small and it just ends up being a pain when i have to load up myself and a car with a massive amount of concrete and wire and cable and reinforced steel beams and steel pipes and standard stuff i carry around just in case i need to build something.. it just gets unwieldy at times.

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