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As a guest, you can't see inventories, speed and fuel in the new Trains & Nuclear Power Update. The inventories seem like they don't exist for the guest. Static storage like containers and machines are visible like normal. When we switch host & client the problem for the client remains the same.

Edit: Same problem as here and here, just in Early Access instead of Experimental (first link is a bug in experimental)

Additional info: if the client/guest constructs an explorer or truck, he can see and use the inventory normally. The problem only exists with vehicles constructed prior to the update/vehicles constructed by the host.

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Further more:

- client can't open drop pods / see the hard drive inside it -> host has to come by and get it

- client crashed when trying to set a time table for a train

- client can't pick up stuff out of constructor/assember/manufacturer

- client can't see power consumption on power pole, only in power plants
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I have the same problem as npXXX.
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First point: Yeah, we have the same issue.
We didn't encounter any of the other. Power consumption in power poles and plants work just fine over here.
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Same problem, just more random. Just built something (myself) and can't access it, some other inventories are accessible. Containers just lag, but can be accessed after some seconds.

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bug still present in version, build 101829, patch from 04.07.2019.
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