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I find the game sometimes a bit boring and purposeless so I came up with this idea.

What if there were a few more enemies. They would attack your base (not your trains and stuff) and you can make turrets to defend your base. These turrets can work on power so no need of bullets or something. This way you would have to really build some kind of building.

I can understand if many people like the quite peacefull playstyle and to keep their playstyle alive you could add a 'Peacefull' and a 'Challenging' mode. (a bit like minecraft and raft)
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I've got an alternative idea. Wait until the rest of the game content and the story-line is released and let's start discussions of this type then.  

The Dev's have already categorically nixxed your idea in the base game, but I'm sure we will see stuff like this once modding gets underway.
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i don't think it's unreasonable to make suggestions or requests before the game is complete, that kind of defeats the purpose of the early access and these forums in general.

that doesn't mean they will, or even should/can, do everything everyone asks about, but the input may still be valuable.

i think the suggestion is potentially interesting, but i think i'd much rather it be in a separate mode or something outside the main game, because there's already so much stuff to do in the game as it is.

OP could also check out Sanctum 2 if they want more tower defense mechanics. It's an amazing game made by the same devs.
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True, but saying the game is 'boring and purposeless' when the story is yet to be released is just a boring and purposeless observation.
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