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My train is stuck in a hill. It is standig still in docking mode far away from station. Speed indicator show 374 kmh. I can sliw it down to 0 but as soon as I jump out it speeds back up. Removed power from it but no change. Cant delete it. I have removed tracks, power, all platforms for that line but still same. So now I have a floaty train that is stuck and thinks it’s going max speed without power or rails. Any tips on how to deal with this bug? image

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I deleted one of the locomotives and mine started working again
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Locomotive(s) in question cannot be deconstructed.
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Ok finally found a solution. Downloaded the save file editor. Found the “bugged” train and unchecked the docking icon. Started the game and voila, I could finally delete that demon :)
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You crafty devil. Thanks, I'll give this a go.
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Here is some info. First stop all your trains that are working at their stations and delete their timetable. Then save. I downloaded editor from GitHub.com. When installed open your save file with the editor. Search for fgtrain. Then find the train that has mlsDocked checked. This will be your bugged train. Uncheck it and save. Load your game file in game and your train should be idle and ready to be deconstructed. NB: Ofc like all other editing backup your save file before any editing incase it goes wrong. I hope this helps people with similar problems.
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