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How to repeat this scenario: Set up a nuclear power plant. Insert <more than 1> Nuclear Fuel Rod into it. Either via conveyor belt, or by carrying it. Connect it to a power grid or some sort of "Draw device" so something is pulling power from it with it on and running. Once nuclear power plant is running, and something is pulling power from it, open it's interface. With the interface open, click on the nuclear fuel rod on the left side under "Input" and click and drag the fuel rod over to the lower right corner for the trash can and destroy it while the machine is running. Machine's interface will change to say "INSERT FUEL". That's it. Leave it alone. Nuclear reactor will run forever. It will never run out, never require more fuel, and never produce nuclear waste. You can even insert shards and overclock it once you do this. I could of kept this to myself, but I chose to report it because this is -VERY- game breaking and you need to fix this developers. I have now had one reactor running for 3 hours real life time with enough load on it to pull 1800 - 2200 MW. It's supposed to only run max 300 seconds, which is 5 minutes. I have not fed it any more fuel and it's still running, and it has never produced any nuclear waste at all, not even once.
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To be clear - when you say "with enough load on it to pull 1800-2200 MW," do you mean that your entire combined power-draw was 1800 Mw IN EXCESS of the power generated by all other plants on the same grid?

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I spoke 1:1 with kristofferf in DM's via discord earlier today. They'll be taking care of this issue.
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