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Currently you only know pure or not ore vein is. It would be great if we know how much 60x ore output we get before placing the drill, this is easy implement in the tooltip when looking at ore vein. Just something like Purity: 2, Purity: 0.5 etc would be enough.
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As far as I could tell the pure veins are designed to be shattered by hand.  I think in general all the ore nodes are the same and it depends on the drill (and some tech) on how much you get every minute.   The only time I noticed greater yield was when I hit it with my hand on Pure.
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No, they are not the same. I have multiple drills with different output ratios going from 0.5x60 to 2x60, everything with drill mk1.
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Could they be old mines? I noticed my main iron mines went to 30 / min from 60/min, suggesting they can be depleted or at least end at a very slow pace.
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I suspected they deplete over time.  I thought they were 60/min but checked them later and they were 30/min.  Not sure if I saw it wrong, or if they are getting slower.  Seems a big drop.

On the other hand, ALL my Iron mines are 30/min and my single Copper mine is 60/min.  maybe I just got them mixed up.

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the veins are all breakable - and AFAIK all pure.

the nodes are 3 different qualities Inpure (yes the typo has been reported) Normal and Pure, which return 30, 60 and 120 / min for mining equipment, and 1/2/3 for hand mining
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