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So with the End of June Update we got trains for the stable version.
My friend(host) and I(client) hopped in, and got them to work and he was amazed by the design, sounds and animation, yet for me all the train did, was beeing in his "idle state".
Following is everything that I am missing from the "train experience", but for the host, everything listed below works fine.

  • When boarding the train, it always says "no power" for me, yet i can drive the train, albeit not as fast as my friend, with both of us pressing that W-Key into the table.
  • Same goes for decelerating. He stopps from full speed (~120 km/h) to 0 in around 5-8 foundations, but I, with even less speed, need 15+ to get to a full stop, with both of us holding either S or Space or both.
  • I also cant set time tables for the trains, because when I want to select the station, the list is just empty.

While driving:

  •  power cosumption and speed is always shown as 0.
  • the wheels dont spin
  • the converters(?) red, cylindrical parts that stick out when driving, stay in and blue
  • you only here the idle sound, no acceleration or brakes
  • the "brakeing flaps" on top dont go off, when braking, same with the brakes not flowing from the heat of braking

I just wanted to share everything I, or rather didnt.
Feel free to comment, add bugs or correct me.

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same, they did say in the experimental release of the train update it wasnt working very well for client.  looks like it hasnt been updated yet.
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