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I thinks it's rather self explainatory, I want to have some kind of "You can pass this only from this side" kind of piece. That will solve many problems with trains going head to head at each other.
That will allow for setups like this one with double headed trains.

Right now it's impossible because two trains can go in different directions or left/right track. So you're limited to 1 train per track right now.

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it doesn't work because that's 4 different stations (nad not 2 2 lane stations).  you don't get multi lane stations.
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That's just example, my idea is to do one global netweork for train with multiple stations.
I'm not doing only 4 station and 2 lines, but for example 8 stations and 2 lines
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I'm pretty sure a feature to allow these things will come ... must come because trains can drive through each other right now. But I sincerly hope it will not a new kind of track but a one-way/one-sided signal which indicates the prefered drive direction the path finding algorithm can incorporate in it's logic. We need it anyways because people don't want the trains passing through each other AND they don't want them to wait endlessly in stations until the next track is free. So signals are a must have when collission gets activated for trains not only for long track segmentation but also for prefered direction indication.

There are more issues to the hole topic, as players also have problems with the handedness of train traffic at the moment. It seems it is designed with left-handed traffic in mind, but a large community of players are used to right-handed traffic and now have issues with e.g. levers on the wrong side, station buildings on the left messing up track layout and so on. And signals will have this issue as well, maybe even more so.

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