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Falling or driving off of a cliff makes your death loot completely unrecoverable, potentially losing rare valuable resources that will never respawn because they land out of reach.  This wouldn't be so bad if the vehicle in the game didn't respond like a slug.  My suggestion is that any time you die from falling into the abyss, move the death loot box to the nearest spot on the mainland so we have a chance to recover these materials.  Otherwise the only way around it is to save all of the time and just reload when (not if) you drive off a cliff, and that literally takes any consequence of dying out of the game. I welcome a challenge, but effectively destroying a player's inventory on death is just cheap.
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There are enough limited resource items in the game that this can be bad.  It's time consuming to replace everything else which I can accept.  But lose a few slugs and you will feel it.  And I'm guessing there will be plenty of other limited items like those.
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I'm not sure slugs are a limited resource.  I logged back in today and noticed half a dozen new green slugs sitting on top of rocks around my base.  I would have noticed them if they had been there yesterday when I was playing in that area.
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slugs might not be, but what about things like the hard drive from wreckage that unlocks research?  Depending on how and what research gets unlocked from loot you find like that, it could very well end progression in your game, or at least remove the ability to unlock some optional upgrades that really help out.
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I once drove a tractor off a cliff. From the top of the cliff, I could look down and see all of the stuff I had stored in it. My death box was actually up on the cliff face, so I could recover my personal inventory.

Regardless, I spent upwards of an hour building a walkway down into the abyss to collect the items from my destroyed tractor. It was a pain in the neck, went through a lot of food (because there is a damage over time penalty to going too far below the map).

After all my effort, I was literally one ramp placement away from collecting my items when I ran into an instant-death zone. Still have the whole thing set up and could show a screenshot of it. It's so incredibly frustrating to have a bunch of rare items and materials just sitting in front of you, but you die the instant you try and collect them.

ANYWAY, I digress. I believe this is a proper penalty for reckless driving. If it becomes too much of a problem for you, build walls to prevent you from driving off the ledge.

That being said, there should be a way to disable the Death Box beacon when reaching the body is impossible.

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Yeah i know that feeling BUT you stuff will be respwaned where u standed before "jumping" of the cliff i had that problem too but then i found a chest where i standed last time and there was everything there
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