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Ok so after the last update i have a wired thing happening when i first boot the game i get my usual 70-80 fps 1080p ultra with shadows at low and motion blur off gpu (gtx 1070)utilization is around 75% cpu (i5 7500) around 70% across the 4 cores with all 4 cores around the 60-75% mark, after around 10-15 mins play time the frame rates start to drop until they are around 25fps by this time cpu is around 40-50% usage (if that) and the gpu sits at 17% constantly (riva tuner stats) now i haven't got any issues like this in any other games temps are mid 40's i  dont have the biggest factory but its not small anyone else have this issue?
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This is happening to me on an i9 7900X and a GeForce 1080ti. It doesn't matter if i'm in the wilderness, or in the middle of my modest factory. This started happening after the last early access build. It did not happen in experimental.
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Update: The latest experimental build also exhibited the same symptoms. Building things seems to speed up the degradation, but it's not limited to building.
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Same. In latest experimental and EA. Doing things seems to accelerate the fps degredation. Need to save and load every 15 minutes to reset. I hear this issue is called a memory leak? Anyone tested by starting a new game and just standing in the drop pod? Could potentially rule out train system as culprit amount other things.
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Stop your train schedules and see if the draining fps is better afterwards.
On my end the draining fps (usually from 60-20 fps in 30 min) stopped immediately after stopping all trains and saving/reloading.
We have another question with almost the same topic:
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To add to this. My 2080 goes all the way up to 80 percent but then when I go afk I watch my GPU usage slow to a crawl all the way down to 20 percent where it sits until I restart my game. Looking into Geforce experience to see if the encoding of instant replay is affecting it.
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