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Yes, they can snap to a grid of a foundation. Yes, they can be added to a mid-point of a pre-existing conveyer. What I'm asking for is simple. I want to be able to add a splitter directly to the input or the output of an object like a constructor, container or a verticle conveyor to name a few. Being able to snap the blocks, in the same manner as you would with the vertical conveyers would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL and take a lot of extra manipulation steps out of most common construction practices. I just believe they should have similar installation behaviors. For those who heavily rely on overflow and buss layouts, either elevated or floor level, this adjustment would be an absolute boon to the overall game experience. Thoughts?
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This has been asked many times before. It is advisable to make a search before posting and to support existing suggestions as this increases the likelihood that a feature will make it in game.
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Yes for convenience if the machine to splitter interface runs at the speed of the highest researched belt speed. No if you are trying to get around belt speed limitations. (Think about what would happen if you connected the output of one machine to the input of another machine directly by a chain of splitters)
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I really did so and I queried in as many ways as I could think to do so but couldn't quite find what I was thinking about when I read the topics that came up. If perhaps you could help lead me to those discussions, I would be grateful. Thanks. :-)
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I would just rather splitters and mergers be able to snap to verticle conveyers. Having to place the mergers first, and then snap verticle conveyers to them causes for quite the amount of trial and error to get it positioned correctly.
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Swamp, you definitely brought up a good point about chaining the blocks together to circumvent transfer rates. that exploit would be instantly mitigated by not allowing blocks to be joined to other mergers/splitters. Simply make them a separate class in the script so they can have their own set of rules to follow. My biggest focus on this request was to allow them to snap to mounts (poles, wall mounts, stacked supports, etc.) and the ends of belts both vertical and standard. If nothing else snapping to vert belts is my biggest item on the list.
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