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Built foundations over the Uranium node, like I would do for any other type of resource node. I couldn't place the Mk3 miner because of encroaching clearance. Tried with a Mk2 miner and it worked fine. Removing the foundations allowed me to place it just fine also.

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To put it that way, I don't think that we are supposed to be able to build miners on foundations in the first place. Removing a foundation over the node should do the trick, and you should be able to place it back after you are done.
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We always have been able to place them. Not sure if it was intended or not, but that isn't really my point.

As for your trick, I've used that one many times myself and it usually works, but it seems to just not work with the Mk3 miner. I've only tried that one specific node, but I'm about to try some others so I'll found out if it's that node in particular, or just the Mk3 miner itself.

Edit: Tried it with a limestone node, the Mk3 went down on that one fine, so it seems to specifically be that Uranium node that's causing the issue.
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Actually I read somewhere, that you should be able to place miners on foundations (sorry, can't remember the source), to make everything look clean and tidy. I think it's a bug, because on some foundations I can set a miner (mk3) and on some I can't right now.
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You might actually be facing another bug then. There's quite a few buildings that just won't place when they are on the seam between 2 foundations. That might be your issue.
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It can't be that either though because I was able to place a Mk2 miner on the exact same foundations without moving them or anything.
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