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Weird display issues with trains since last update. Hard to describe so uploaded a video to YouTube. Watch at https://youtu.be/g5LDAlGvEk8 . All the trains still work the just do weird things at stations and will running. Train names work till save and reload then are gone. Also display issue go away it you rebuild trains until you reload from save and they come back. Only happening on one train line. Completely rebuilt it and issue came right back after a save and reload. Maybe something weird in save?

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Ok after Much testing I got a video of the start of the issue. I rebuild all my trains on one loop and watch the bugs occur. Here is a video of the problem starting.
Looks like the switch system has a big bug. If you watch closely the switches change for the train behind the one in front way to early. This splits the train in front.
If you have only one train on a line this will not happen. If all trains stop at all station in a row does not seem to occur( need to test more). Fixed all my trains and stop all but one on that line for now.
Also problem seems to occur sometimes when a train blows through a station to when one train is loading. Have not been able to reproduce yet though.
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