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You should add a sandbox where you can fly and you have infinite materials and you cannot die. Because then you can test some stuff if you are having trouble in survival mode or you can make your own gaint factory!
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but the whole game is about *explore* and exploit creative mode wuld break the explore theme like you culd eazely explit the explore so if you wanted to find powerslugs / harddrives it wuld break the theme of the game

creative mode wuld mostly be to test setups not so mutch to bulid big factories they shud make it so if you choose creative mode all the special items disapeer (bosses powerslugs and harddrives) so it wuldent spoil content you shud be able to add nodes too
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This would be very handy.
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I would love a creative mode and agree that they should be just completely removed form the mode as you don’t really need them anyway if you are playing creative
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A sandbox would be fine for testing and proof of concepts. If you don't wanna play creative mode you don't have to.
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I'm sure sandbox mode has already been requested, so I'm going to take your request literally and say it would be great to have a sandbox furniture item in the game

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I think some people are missing the point of a creative/sandbox mode.

Say I want to test a factory design.  I want to make hardened plates.  Does my factory balancing mechanism works? can I improve it.  Having a creative auto-trasher and a creative auto-supply iron ore component along with unlimited resources and not needing to worry about power/building resources while testing is great.  Sure for hardened plates getting a good design isn't hard.  But how about hardened modular frames.  

Creative mode really isn't meant to be the main mode you build a factory in.  It's the mode in which you test things without having to worry about carrying around a load of resources.
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I couldn't have said it better myself. This is why we crave for a creative/sandbox mode. It's not like creative/sandbox mode will have presets for balancers with the ratios we need for our production line setups. We as players would still need to figure that out therefore we'd still be playing the game. We just want to do all the testing in the creative/sandbox mode, make it compact before applying it in our real playthrough so it's not messy.
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To be quite honest, I think the game is really alike a giant sandbox, without limited resources and the focus on exploring rather then killing the enviorment, all you do is trying to create something beautifull.

A creative mode would just kill the fun.

In my oppinion.

Greetings HeroxHeruxum
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Then you would not have to use creative mod. People who like creative mode would use it.
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Too soon for an official version.

But mods have it already (+ many more)
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Yea, the entire game is sandbox. That's what sandbox means "do what you want, how you want" not working to a set script. And the entire point of the game is resource management, so an "infinite resouces" mode would be absolutely pointless, would just be building for the sake of building. Might as well just go play minecraft. As it stands you're building to be able to bbetter gather and craft your resources. If you take away the need to gather resources then there is very little point to the game. - If any at all.
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That is why people wouldn't play creative mode as the main mode. They would use it for testing and making proof of concepts
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I think a SandBox / Creative Mode would be great!

You can build a factory to test the design, you figured out, without spending all the time for the Hub upgrades. (just to realize after 60hrs or so that it doesn't work)
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using CheatEngine and this table works just fine:

Ok native build in woulde be better buts its a compromise 

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