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i made a train-line with 2 stations station A and B like <------>  with a train like L-C-C-C-L and a time line of A,B, this works perfect.

now at one side i made a new station C now it is like <------>-------< i was expecting some fiddling with the middle station but it is all wonky,

time line is now A,B,C,A  and it still goes between A and B, but in the time line it says,

next station A then next station C, so the A.I. thinks station B is station C, now i'm lost how to continue
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With a train that has a engine on both ends there is a bug i think right now when you have more then 2 stations. i tried everything believe me. until this is fixed i made a loop at the beginning and the end and i have just one engine. and normally with no loops it should be <----> and with a middle station depending on when the train should stop there <----->----> or <----<---->
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It is tottaly bugged with a double-ended train with more than two stations... it simply can't figure out wich one is the next one. I did the exact same: stations A, B, C, setted up like:


And in my timetable:

It keeps going back and forth between A and C, if not getting stuck in station A stating it can't reach B(!). I have to rework my terminal stations to include a loop system, and ditched the second puller :(

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after about 6hours trying everything possible i think i found a solution, it seems to work.

so the end result is station A to B1/B2 to C like
see the B station has a station on both sides.

time table is as follows:



if it is at A it says next B1 for a sec to switch to B2. stops there and then goes on to C.

makes no sence to me, but it's working lol
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That makes sense, the leading train changes depending on the direction of travel with a 2 engine train, I think that's what is confusing the script...so having a station always pointing in the 'correct' direction for the leading train sets the destination correctly.
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Wonky, but if it does the job... XD
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I didnt have any luck. I created another station B2 right before B1 in the oppostite leading direction and now it says unable to reach next stop. Tried to manually drive the locomotive and it split 2 freighters in half going with one locomotive going completely somewhere else.
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Just put each station in the timetable twice as a workaround for now, don't put extra stations in.

So for 3 is going to show

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I have 4 stops, Base -> Coal -> Quartz -> Crater. Quartz, Crater and Base are dead ends so I had to create a loop before Coal.
Without the loop it works fine between Base Coal and Quartz but once I loop in Crater the Time Table is all wonky. It says next stop is going going to Base but it's going in the opposite direction going to Quartz etc. and the freight cars become mixed with materials.
It appears by putting each station twice in the timetable the lead train still get switched around and materials in containers get mixed.
update: after 50 hours I discovered the Smart Splitter. Not 100% ideal because the factories won't operate until the erroneous material has been removed from the container but atleast its something.
update: i got rid of the loop and did a side by side station instead with another train.
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