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I'm new here and i'm pretty sure i'm the only one that is trying to connect and play with my friend by sharing my 4G to my PC.

Whenever i try to joint a friend or when my friend try to join me, it doesn't work, and to succed i need to use a VPN (don't ask me why i don't know for now).

As i say earlier, i connect my PC to the internet by sharing my 4G from my phone via USB.

Also sometimes if my friend is using a VPN to joint me and i don't, it work.

I'd be happy to help you solve this problem so other player can do it to.

I hope i give you enough informations.

Thanks a ton for reading.
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The problem with a 4G connection is that it's HIGHLY likely that you're behind a CG-NAT (Carrier Grade Network Adress Translation).

Just like a regular home router gives you a 192.168.x.x address for your home LAN, but your real internet IP is on the "outside" of the router, CG-NAT does pretty much the same thing, but just on a larger scale with one big fat central router NAT:ing all the 4G customers.

The only difference is, on your home router, you are the admin and can open certain ports if needed. On a 4G connection, the NAT is done by your ISP, and you have no control over port openings etc.

It should work if your friend is hosting (given his network setup allows for it) and you are connecting, but I highly doubt you will be able to host a game. Using a VPN, without getting too technical, allowes you to tunnel through the NAT and change how traffic is sent to and from you.

TL:DR; It's your ISP that messes it up, and it's hard for game devs to fix this issue.
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Thank you for this reply, it help me a lot to understand why it was doing that unlike downvote which are as usefull as a sand cake to stop a flood.
Now i just need to buy a 20 meters ethernet cable to link my PC to my FreeBox (the box provide by my ISP to give me an acces to internet( i don't know the exact name for this stuff)). But the main reason i was using my 4G is speed. My 4G is faster than my ADSL connection.
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i have the exact same problem.
i'm just wondering why i only have problems with this game. i can host other games too from my machine and friends are able to join with no problems.
i'm trying to get my internet provider to allow port forwarding for my 4g router.
i do not have an option for cable internet, sadly :(
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