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They would look great in warehouses as well as when you end up with a hole in your 10th floor so that a conveyor go move up from the 9th floor you dont fall to your death.

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The rails are already in the game, just not unlocked yet.

Can be unlocked with Save editor
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What do you mean by not unlocked yet? Are they not implemented into the game or do you mean the ones on the walkway which I use, but clip into storages and what not. So I cant put them there cause clipping is not allowed with them
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No , they are proper hand rails
take look this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZrCT0XG0Lw
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Nice so are they locked behind something I have to research or not in game at this time?
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Currently right now they can be unlocked only with save editor.
I for example have unlocked windows as well, witch also not available to obtain.
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looked at the save editor. cant seem to find how to unlock any of that stuff. tried looking all over the web and youtube with no luck one showed it as simple as the cheats tab unlock all research but it does not get them for me? is there something im missing?
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