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A couple of improvements to the deconstruction function that I thought of while tearing down a rather large building.

Instant Deconstruct - Have a key you can hold down while deconstructing to remove the need to press and hold.

Deconstruct and trash - another key you can hold that would automatically trash what you deconstruct rather than refund the parts so you don't end up with boxes everywhere (exceptions being any limited resources, hub parts, slugs/power shards, spheres and loops, hard drives)

Perhaps not a press and hold for both as it would be a pain to hold down both keys. Perhaps hold Ctrl for instant deconstruct, then alt to toggle resource refunds which then brings up an obvious overlay to the UI to warn that parts won't be refunded.
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Key for instant deconstruction is good idea but it's not enough. Precision of deconstruction tool is not perfect and with instant deconstruction it can do a lot of mess in factory.
So i have idea to be able to select what we want to deconstruct.
Click LMB - select aimed element you want to deconstruct (that way player can select multiple elements by clicking on them, and see what will be deconstructed)
Hold LMB - deconstruct selected elements (if nothing is selected then it will deconstruct aimed element like it works now)
Click RMB - deselect aimed element (function to correct mistake when player select wrong element) if nothing is elected them leave deconstruction mode (exit like it works now)
Hold RMB - deselect all elements
CTRL + Click LMB - instant deconstruct aimed/selected elements
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