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Lets talk priorities.

With the new trains added and more tiers of resources to juggle I am finding a glaring issue of optimization.

i7 7820HK
GTX 1080 8GB Ram

100 Hour save just started building trains. I am sitting at 30 FPS.

When exploring or setting up off base sites I dip into the low 20's.

This is crazy.

I recommend all resources allocated on new content be halted until optimization can be implemented otherwise you will be releasing new content to people that can't run it.

Please try my save and tell me what FPS you are getting.

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Iam having the same issue, i played over 80 hours with a fps between 80 and 120 and after the update, iam sitting from 30 to 50 fps, it just bothers me because for those reasons i dont use the experimental, because i was running super smooth all around and now i feel like iam playing in the experimental version :(
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Please try my save and tell me what FPS you are getting.

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sry for the late response, i was at work and with family and just got here. Let me try it right now and i will let you know.
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same as you mate, lower i hit inside buildings was 17 to 20 and outside 29 to 32 no more than that, and i notice also that both savedatas(your and mine) are taking a lot of Ram, i was using up to 16mb with yours and 14mb with mine, all this tested with Low, Mid, High, and ultra Res. at 1080p but fps wont change a bit.
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Thanks for confirming!

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No, your issue is not the most important.
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Please try my save and tell me what FPS you are getting.

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There's still many crashes and bugs making the game absolutely unplayable for some people.
But no, YOUR issue is the most imporant.
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To be fair...

If people are having issues crashing and not able to get in their issues are more important.
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I have zero FPS issues here after the update, constant 80 FPS everywhere all the time on my system. currently 305 hours play time on this save. However, I haven't built any trains at all yet. I think most of the FPS issues stem from people running trains. So I've avoided building any trains in my game until they can sort out this BS.
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re:  7Rickus: A large custom water loop for my system.

re: bertio: I'll try that save today and see what it shows for me.
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Confirmed yes I get 30-50 FPS in your save too even on my system. I have some suggestions though.. you should be able to automate everything necessary in the game with less than half of the equipment you have. For one you could at the very least double your power output if you deleted half of your fuel burners and overclocked all of the ones remaining. And you don't need 24 refineries for your fuel burner plants.. one refinery and two processors to create turbofuel X2 is more than enough to keep turbofuel supplied for 12 fuel burners, if you had 12 and overclocked em all. I was getting around 9600 MW of production from just 12 fuel burners on turbofuel before I went nuclear.

I've been able to automate the creation of everything in the game so far (Except for the new alu-clad stuff and heatsinks and mk.5 things, I haven't gotten to that yet) with a factory setup 1/4 the size of your huge sprawling setup.

I think in general you've just grossly over-built way beyond what's needed to accomplish things in this game and that may of led to some of your FPS issues. I'm not quite sure what you've done to the game with this build/save but in your save one of my system's cpu cores is at 100% constantly all the time. And in my save I never have any one core maxed out at any point. Normally it's just even 60% - 70% across all 4 cores in my save.

Also I don't have trains in my game. I think trains might be part of the problem. I might post my save later today and let you see that if you want. I need to do some work on it and clean it up a little before posting it though.
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Awesome follow up!

I will look into turbo fuel.

Also going to turn off my one train to see if the possible memory leak is the issue.
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when i start a new game i get around 140 fps !

when i load my mega base i get 10 fps
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Is your mega base "Doing stuff" all the time? Or did you set it up for efficiency so it will sit dormant unless you need stuff? Because if you have it churning stuff for no reason all the time then that would be the problem. I have mine designed so once it fills my boxes it all throttles down to idle so it won't effect my FPS.
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