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Please make mergers and splitters more easily attachable to conveyor belts that are suspended in the air.
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If you're just placing on an existing conveyor they should just snap on where you place them.

if you want to terminate at the splitter , extend the conveyout past the point , snap it on, delete the conveyor then re-extend the conveyor to the now hovering splitter.
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Thank you. That makes things a lot clearer and easier than what I was doing (customizing the length of the conveyor and then placing the splitter on the last pixel of it).

That said, I hope they fix the lack of a placement snap-grid. Last time I tried to do what you're talking about, I could place the splitter/merger anywhere along the conveyor (analog). I'd like to have the same grid as normally placing things (at least optionally) so I can get exact 90 degree angles.
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One option that I use is to stack splitters on a foundation in the shape I want , connect and that gives me the 90 degrees, I then just delete the splitters and re-work the conveyors
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That's a good tip albeit not applicable to the OP.
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