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Whilst I can somewhat appreciate the idea that nuclear waste is a problematic resource that's not easy to get rid of, it's really strangely implemented given that the game offers infinite resource nodes and giant, seemingly bottomless pits...

I wouldn't mind the current state of nuclear waste IF there was something we could do with it, besides storing it indefinitely in containers...

Some ideas:
- alternate plans that use some waste to build new fuel rods
- plans that can turn waste into another type of basic resource (lots of "handwaveium" for this one, but could be useful)
- process into ammo for a new weapon (think death rays, perhaps?)
- waste disposal sites which can be built only if the "void" / water / <insert other suitable location condition / node> is underneath
- we've got a space elevator; can we launch nuclear waste into space / the local star?
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Seems like a good idea. Everything is better than void-suicide disposal xD
Not sure how usefull nuclear ammo would be if you can only use it while wearing hazmat+filters. I rather stick to jetpack and regular gun. (unless they add an additional body item slot)
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@R4ND0M1ZER The ammo idea was that the waste could be processed INTO some kind of ammo that would then be safe to handle... I've edited the suggestion.
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Peanut butter and nuclear waste sandwiches!

Crafted with beryl nuts and nuclear waste.
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There is a half hint on the wiki: https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Quantum_Encoder
After all, we already have the assembler, so it must take something else and combind it.
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Use the Space Elevator to shoot the waste into space :)

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Seems to me we already have/use Depleted Uranium rounds for heavy weight bullets.  Don't know if this comes from nuclear waste or not but could be a viable idea.  Convert the nuclear waste into deleted uranium cartridges to used for the rifle.  Maybe require a rifle upgrade to handle the additional weight of the bullet.
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