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Have you ever considered adding in an option to multiplayer worlds so that each person has to do their own research instead of one person unlocking it for everyone? Maybe adding a group feature and have it so that the tech is shared between group members only?
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why does this have -7 votes? i think this is a great idea!
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Good evening,

I too like this idea for having "just the option" to go for a four player MP round where everyone starts far away of any other player so that in the end is a competitive game at all.  Though everyone will agree that as this stage of the game it is just not going to happen because of all the technical stuff which is not quite at the point where it should be, especially when it comes to a normal MP game.
BUT I hope we will see this when the game goes live and the modders are going crazy with the game - I hope they will :-)


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Honestly, I'd like this. I've always been more of a fan of competitive rather than cooperative play, so a way that we could have a server with multiple pioneers doing their own thing would be cool. To be clear, this would be separate from the existing way it works, or perhaps it would use the group system like Austmosphere suggested.
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There could even be some PvP mechanics added to the game.
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