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( I apologize in advance for the text, I used a translator . I hope my notes will help make the game better . I apologize if some bugs can be repeated, it was difficult for me through the translator to find everything that I described, but what I found I deleted from my list )



BUG SUBJECT: a fork in the railway track

DESCRIPTION: if 2 trains pass through the same fork at the same time, the following happens:

1.1 if a train with one locomotive, then it either visually disappears the wagons behind it, while the game considers that they exist, because when one locomotive arrives, physically without wagons, the station unloads the load and this is evident from the resources in the warehouse. Or the train is divided into 2 parts and the locomotive rolls on one track, the cars on the second.

1.2 if the train is bidirectional, when driving in reverse at the fork, through which the train previously traveled in another direction - the train is divided into 2 parts, the locomotive that goes first goes in one direction, since the arrow does not switch, and the rest of the train goes along the route, there is when there are 2 locomotives in different directions, the arrow switches only in front of the main part of the train, the main locomotive + cars, and the additional locomotive does not turn the arrows in front of it.

OFFER: remove the railway switches (making it easier and automatic movement of trains and manual)


BUG SUBJECT: rail track installation

DESCRIPTION: the rail does not fall on an inclined foundation, although it is even


BUG SUBJECT: train name

DESCRIPTION: the names of the trains are not saved, and after restarting the game, the trains become nameless. train names are not displayed on the map


BUG SUBJECT: animation of loading-unloading wagons

DESCRIPTION: When the car or storage at the station is filled or partially filled, so it does not allow to completely unload (load), the animation breaks, and the device that carries the container, pretends to transfer it, but the container remains in place


BUG SUBJECT: (BAG MAY BE POSSIBLE): display of a train picture on the map when several locomotives are connected

DESCRIPTION: when the train has several locomotives, 2 locomotive icons are displayed on the map, I think it should not be this way, let only one train image be displayed. since the train is in fact one


BUG SUBJECT: Foundation value

DESCRIPTION: all foundations require 6 cement, although they are of different sizes. for example, there should be 8 * 4 (8 cement), 8 * 2 (4), 8 * 1 (2),


BUG SUBJECT: Truck Physics

DESCRIPTION: large trucks stop colliding with medium trees, unlike buggies, which usually knock down trees
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I think only the one about the price of foundations is new...
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