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I think that there should be alternative methods to power, like solar panels, geothermal generators, wind turbines, nuclear power (maybe even fusion), fossil fuels, or maybe even slug power.
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I agree with having more methods of power like solar would be cool.

I found this: https://i.imgur.com/wYKD1Eg.png Which supposedly states that Nuclear will be added End of May in Update #2 of Early access.

I saw this on the Satisfactory discord.
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the waterfalls are just begging for Hydro-electric power stations

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I have found a geysir in that mushroom valley somewhere so maybe geothermal energy is a thing?... and i had already tried it you could if you really wanted to get to coal generators in around 2 hours, though not on the first try obliviously.
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Indeed. Coal power can be easily reached in 2 hours.
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finish the caterium research chain and it will add the ability to scan for the geysers on the map
there are only 17 on the map, the geothermal generators produce 200 megawatts by default currently cannot be overclocked
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There are already many power options in zur Game like Coal, Oil  Bio Fuel, geothermal. And Nuclear power is already planned.

However, i also want an Option for small outposts. Like Wind /Solar + buffer batteries. So +1
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Absolutely! Something far away that you need powered but will be too much of a hassle to keep fed with biofuel. little solar or wind turbines to keep it going. The small ones from Astroneer come to mind. But of course modeled differently to look amazing in this game.
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I agree.  We get stuck with biomass for far too long and it really starts to drag on with no variety in the early game.
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We have Biomass Burner, Coal Generator, Fuel Generator and Geo Thermal Generator right in the game (March 2019). Nuclear Power Plant will come in the future.

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I found uranium up north(i think) so this most likely means that there will be nuclear power also Acod35742 says that there is going to be nuclear according to an update log.
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i watched a few yt videos on this game and theres nuclear power in early access, probably last tier?
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you played a limited alpha.  i'm sure there will be more options
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There is four sources of Power in the game currently:

-First  Bio Fuel Generator
-Second is the Coal Generator which makes tons of Power as one just needs 12 Coal per minute.
- Third is the Fuel Generator that can be used as u reach Oil. One Producces around 150 Mw and only uses around 12 fuel. So one Refinery can easily support 3 Generators meaning u get 450 Mw of power. From only one Refinery!
- Fourth is the Geothermal Generator. It is already in the Game guys! U just need to find Caterium Ore in the Game and bring it to your M.U.M. It will unlock more Technology Including Geothermal Power.

And there will be Nuclear Power too.

Solar Energy could be nice for the Beginning but then u would need Batterys to store it over night and i believe it will get obsolete as soon as Coal is reached. I produce 3000 Mw of Power at the Momenent. And i need around 600?

Fusion Power would be Awesome!
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Then add Fusion and maybe "Zero Point" energy or something futuristic like that.
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wish they would add pollution to the game would be sooo much fun to destroy nature with the power plants and factories
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Confirmed in (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.1.19 - Build 101486

All sports i found, same Problem

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