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I've built four burners in addition to two burners in the HUB and they produce more than enough power. BUT. But I have to run around and collect tons of leaves to feed these monstrosities. I have already built space elevator and want to expand my iron mining and production but I can't. Because I need to collect leaves. Turn it into biomass. Then make biofuel. Then split it for 6 burners. And feed them individually. I will try to unlock chainsaw and maybe that will help. But anyways. Collecting biomass (and making biofuel) and feeding it to six burners is just tedious. It would be nice to unlock coal burner earlier or have some means to feed burners automatically.
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Chainsaw does simplify this a lot.  The amount of wood you can collect quickly gets you multiple stacks of 200 Biomass and that can last a while.   If you are running that heavy of a factory I would guess you would unlock coal quickly.   I wouldn't mind seeing a way to load the burners but the real issue for me is I end up with so much biomass I have no use for once I upgraded to coal.
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Start killing the hog aliens that charge you and research their carapaces.  Once you've completed the second research item you can make biomass from the carapaces to the tune of 100 biomass per carapace.

Also, until you unlock coal, you definitely want to automate the creation of biofuel.  I have a cargo container that feeds into a constructor that feeds into another container, all placed next to where I have my burners.  I manually make biomass (because that's WAY faster than automating it) dump a bunch into the first cargo container and then every once in a while when I'm in base, I drop by the container with biofuel to grab some and fill the burners.
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Well, I got chainsaw and it really helps. And I've built some constructors to process biomass while I'm busy building a factory. Still have to run around once in a while to cut down some trees but that's nothing compared to gathering leaves one by one. So next time I start a new game I'll just rush that chainsaw tech and only then start expanding.

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indeed, the pacing with manual biomass burners is pretty bad. imo the first biomass burners that you get should atleast have been given an input so the player could start automating power.

until then, focus on getting coal, and make an automated biofuel line that you can just dump tons of wood and leaves into. it will save you alot of time.
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