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Trains are awesome, and I love taking a ride on one.

That said, I found they will occasionally break when moving between stations, despite the next station being far away - they are clearly trying to stay below a set maximum speed.

Is that absolutely needed?

Additionally, trains clearly approach the stations at very "safe" speeds. Why? They are AI operated, they should know when to break for optimal results.

I want to feel the wind in my helmet as I ride on top of my trains, but these things make the experience ever so slightly less enjoyable...

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I totally agree. when they drive really long tracks they have a cap for some reason.

What is annoing me the most is that the breaks seem to be really bad. Even with 2 Trains ( Acceleration and breaking increases with multiple trains as far as i saw) breaking still takes forever. I would love to see:
A: better breaks so my trains dont waste 45 seconds of the 2 minute ride breaking and slooooowly driving into the station ( even if it looks kinda cool )
B: maybe make it possible to upgrade the breaks like in factorio
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Hmm, it'd be nice if the breaking / accelerating limits were drastically reduced the more locomotives you add to your train. That way you can still get the somewhat cool "slowly drive into a station like the badass train that I am" animation, but if you need to get things rolling you set up 2-3 locomotives and call it a day.
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