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Use multiple equipment at the same time. The mask is on the face, the blade runners are on the legs, the jetpack on the back and the anti-radiation clothes on the whole body. (The radiation filter can also be used in venom areas as it is made from the poison filter).

Does not make sense to use only 1 at a time.
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Game balance. Gas mask + jet pack = no challenge from the map and so on.
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You right, but you could still add some re-balance. I mean : if you wear blade runners your body weight is increased and so the fuel consumption of you jetpack is higher, the takeoff momentum is slower and so on, it can be translated into complex game mechanics which consider multiple variables for many aspects of the whole game. This also depends on "how" someone wants to implement the challange itself, imho.
However, I'm pretty sure this as been asked in many different ways already (referring to the ability to wear multiple equipment pieces at once)
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I hope to see a wider variety of equipment some day along with a few extra body slots. The single piece of equipment system seems... really weird...
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