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As a form of optimization, an optional attachable "Belt Cover" will hide the contents on the Conveyor Belt. Why you ask? To load less unnecessary elements into the game. For example, if you have a very long belt, you have hundreds upon hundreds of elements being loaded and animated at once. If you are creating massive factories, you will lag with all this animation occuring. So to improve performance, players can add an optional "Belt Cover" onto Conveyer Belts to help them with that. Also it will serve well to players who would prefer walking on the Conveyer Belt without being launched by the belt. In terms of immersion, if the belt is outside the factory it can serve as a protector of the contents.

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If you look over on the right, you will see exactly your suggestion...
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My concern is  that if such a cover was to be added, and would indeed increase performance, it would become mandatory.

I rather like the visual aspect of moving conveyors.
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Kelsey, none of them mentioned having the product being hidden from sight for the purpose of performance. They way they describe it, is by adding a walkable platform on top, still being able to see the product. So no, my suggestion is not really the same.

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Those spiders are taking the supercomputers off my belts so they can play Unsatisfactory... A game where they must kill the evil engineers and invading their planet and prevent them from making large factories.
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