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I have a train with 8 freight cars and one more locomotive at the tail for additional speed.

I created a train loop that goes into 4 seperate location with one undocking station between them and in every location 2 separate freight cars are docked at freight platforms to be loaded, but only the first station actually loads the materials onto the freight cars. The other 3 locations, the train simply stops, waits a few seconds and after that keeps going.

I have enough power supply, the freight platforms are being loaded and properly placed (at every location I placed train station and connected 8 freight platform and after that deleted the platforms I didn´t want to use at that station) and train has a proper schedule, so I don´t see any reason why it shouldn´t work.
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I had a station work one time and the train stopped, loaded, moved to the next station and unloaded, then never worked again no matter what I did.
there is still some work to be done on the trains.

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Station and freight platforms need to connect/snap to each other.

Either by other freight platforms (without belts connected and set to "load to train") or by empty platforms which is exactly what they're for.
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