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I've been replacing the long conveyor belts that used to transport materials to my base with train tracks and trains. I did so to 3 such long routes, and now these are entirely train based. I sort of expected this to have a positive (or neutral) effect on the games performance.

Alas, I've been getting lower and lower FPS through each game. Either trains are hitting my FPS hard, or there was some other recent FPS change that's causing a significant FPS drop.

PS. Quick specs, for reference:
GTX 1070
32GB RAM (yes, that's a lot - used for work or an nVidia Shadowplay RAM-drive)

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Lower the video settings.

You don't need to "ultra" everything.
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I've noticed that FPS is fine straight after loading the map, and gets progressively worse. In other words, it seems the settings might have little to do with the FPS drops anyway, and it's some kind of leak somewhere. In the end the FPS can be low even when not looking at anything visually demanding.
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This is what you get with an early access game.
It's unfinished and devs will focus on the gameplay, features, balance before performance.
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Isn't the point of this board to write down bugs and suggestions? If so, how is your recent comment relevant? Yes, bugs can (and will) happen. Yes, things might not be optimized. The point of this board seems to be to write these things down, so that the devs know (beyond their own testing) what issues players are facing.
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I never said that the point is invalid.

I was suggesting a workaround that will work NOW. The devs already know about the performance and they have made changes in that area.
It's an early access. If you've done EAs before. Performance issues are normal. Solving them is usually among the last steps after all the framework and internals are solid and not in constant flux.
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The actual solution is just don't use trains until they fix it. I still don't know why you suggested turning the graphics down. That's not an option for anyone. If I had to run satisfactory on medium or low just to play then I'd just delete it. I'm not playing a game where it looks like poop.
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According to allot of users (here and on Reddit) currently there is a bug with trains after this build went out of Experimental.

There is a workaround for this however, just restart the game from time to time.
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A temporary band-aid is to just save your game and re-load that save ,you don't need to exit to menu or to desktop...and your FPS will go back to where it should be.
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