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tl;dr When are the developers planning on adding some form of scaling to make the game playable for people who can't read super-tiny font on a 4k TV? (They built controller support, so don't say it isn't meant to be played on a TV, like the majority of gamers do these days)

I know there are other posts asking "if" there is UI scaling - I'm not asking (cuz there isn't). I'm asking - have the devs mentioned at all anything about if/when they plan on adding it? I understand it's not as simple as adding a menu slider - but could we possibly at least get a buggy-ish "font scaler" until then? Like, add a checkbox that enables the font scale slider, and when you check it, it pops up a message "Warning: Changing the font size can - and probably will - cause text overlap, text escaping UI elements, and general unprettiness. Please only use if the game cannot be fully enjoyed with the preset font size." I know even that is a bit of work, but I seriously can't play the game as is.

What about building a render-scale slider? So we can workaround it ourselves with a lower resolution giving larger UI, but rendered higher so it doesn't look like a potato?

The only thing I've found from them mentioning UI was on their rough road map under "how will the final version differ from early acess?" to which they said something like "ui/ux will probably be different and nicer." Games like this take forever to get to 1.0... they should make the game playable for the most amount of people as early as possible to get the most feedback on the game.
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I doubt "the majority of gamers" watch on a TV at stupidly high resolutions.

The devs might do something about this "problem" when 4k gaming becomes the norm rather than the exception.
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