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Just came across a bug whilst playing with rail splits. 
for some reason every now and then the train goes the wrong direction on a railway split. 
No idea why although am trialing possibilities.

here's the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmVLFZKdhas&feature=youtu.be

Anyway to avoid this / work around it, other than replacing track?

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I'm not sure it's the same, he states it always goes right. My issue is it's going left 10% of the time when it should be going right. Where as he want's to go left but it always goes right.
Also I noted you have a problem with the Ai switching them but I don't have any AI?
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You are right But I added a comment that would be the same I have had the same problem that you are experiencing. I guess after 3-4 hours of frustration I didn't read it very well (had 12 switches to get working correctly). This was happening before I started the automated trains. I just noticed after I started them that they would change the track switching but would not update the visuals for which way the switch is going.
I did notice that most of the time when you place the track the spilt will usually go in the direction of the newer track
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