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The Idea is to add a kind of elevator for trucks, tractors and explorers (eventually one elevator for each Type, smth like "Vehicle Elevator lvl 1/2/3) that lets you quickly treverse huge cliffs and factory floors, which also can be recorded in a vehicles automation-menu.

The emphasis is more on being able to pass over cliffs, because within a factory, you could just use Item elevators, but the option to carry your truck-load (get it? eh? eh?(sry)) of items quickly to the top of your factory, from which it then could be distributed to the seperate machines, still would be nice.

Now, as said, the emphasis is on overcoming cliffs. The Elecator could be similar to a Truck-Station, in that you have to place it down, that being a top and bottom part that will be locked to one another, and provide it with power for it to run.

Let's say we're docked with a tractor to the bottom part of the elevator. The Vehicle locks in place and a pair of clamps lower themselves from the top part and pick up the tractor. When we then arrive at the top, the elevator then either puts some sort of floor underneath the vehicle or shifts sidewards, placing you on the ground or a foundation, which you hopefully built.

Same story for when you want to go down again, just the other way around.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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Maybe it could be like an over sized conveyor lift for trucks and you could have one side going up and one side going down.
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I like this idea, but I think you're overcomplicating the way it should work.  I'd assume it would work just like a regular freight elevator. You drive your truck into one side of the enclosed platform, it goes up/down the lift, then the other side opens and you drive out.  Your version sounds cool, but as you can already tell from the truck stations, trying to create an animation for something is incredibly hard unless you know its exact position & heading.  That's why the truck station crane is so derpy - it has to work whenever a truck is within its loading zone, regardless of where the truck actually is or what direction it's facing.

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Your best bet is probably a truck station at the top and one at the bottom with a conveyor lift in between.
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works, but is kinda boring :(
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Isn't optimal if you want to drive up
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I would be scared and amazed if they end up making vehicle jump pads (lol)
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Tbh, that would be kinda awesome.....
Coffee stain? Pretty please? :)
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So, uh... anyone tried driving a truck off a ledge and onto a jump pad yet?
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