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When I leave the game at a stand still or play for 3 hours I notice the game grows less responsive when I return to the game and no other processes, apps or games are running eventually I have to stop the game drop to the main menu then return the issue is fixed without having to reboot the system. By less responsive I mean stuttered video or choppy video lag spikes and sluggish keyboard response where the game does not respond for up to 10 seconds. I am a DevOps engineer and see stuff like this all the time however I didn't go deep into the system to look because I do all that shit at work and not at home.

I am on the latest Windows 10, Skylake unlocked, 32 GB ram and all M.2 and SSD's no spinning disks, GTX1080 Nvidia, EVGA sub-components power supply and Motherboard.
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It's actually a very serious FPS drop after I made at least 10 railroads with double locomotives for each train and upgrade most of the conveyors at MK5 the game from the constant of 60FPS dropped to at least 6~8 FPS constantly which is worse or unplayable !

After the latest patch the game has very serious FPS drops / memory leaks !
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So, the game memory constantly increases? Or just the frame-rate decreases?
If the game memory doesn't increases than it's not a memory leak.

Do you have trains? Trains seems to cause the symptoms you are describing.
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In my case i have at least 10 trains working and almost all conveyors plus lifts upgraded to mk5 and the game is unplayable due to the 8-9 FPS constantly ! Before upgrades my game was at FPS cap 60 constantly but now with 8~9 FPS is worse ! I tried to lower from ultra specs to medium but nothing, still 9 FPS :(

As a mention i do not have a garbage PC desktop so to be clear.
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I have 3 trains, 2 that operate in a very small area for testing and 1 that circles the island.
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It's the trains. There's a memory leak and performance degradation over time if you have trains running in your save. Solution: Don't use trains at all until they fix it.

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If you restart the game it gets better for a little bit. But yeah latest patch has some serious memory issues. When i start the game i have 60 FPS after 10-15mins im down to 15 and another 10mins i have to restart since its not really playable.
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