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Train : Let me choose what the Freight Car (Cargo Wagon) should load at the station.

that would let me drive into multible stations, without getting loaded with stuff i dont want on the train.

Example: Cargo wagon 1 only load Iron(Station1). >> i can drive into a Train station 2 , who has other item on slot 1. If i want to load copper on Station 2 in cargoWagon 2 i have to build extra station atm with has noting on slot 1.
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Empty platforms are intended for that.
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read the example. i need for every vagon 1 train station in worst case. thats too big
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Read how trains are implemented...
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The only ways to accomplish this are:
Use empty platforms
Use multiple stations

Neither option is entirely satisfactory ;)

In general, I feel the rail assets are simply too big.  The station is enormous, and the track ugly.
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As the guys above said the game already let you do this.

The Electric Locomotive stops only on a Train Station. So if you have to load the second Freight Car you will have to build something like this:

[Train Station][Empty Platform][Freight Platform]

Even if the train have more then two freight cars if you want to load the second freight car the train station doesn't need more then two modules.

In fact to load the N freight car you need a train station with N modules. There is no way around this.

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yes no way around this. there comes my simple solution:)
bäm better game and also easy to implement.
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