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So, I know you can ride on top of either of the existing types of train cars. But I have a problem with being knocked off as I have sections of my train that are more like a subway. I think it would be convenient to have a passenger car to ride inside of that had windows and an interior display showing the next stop.

I also think having a sit emote would be useful both in this context and just as a general addition to the game. The menu shows someone sitting so I've always thought it was weird there's no way to sit.
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they should just let us ride in the front. make auto pilot a toggle and not just based on if we are in the train or not
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You could have almost a second HUB on rails with maybe even a MAM link allowing you to put stuff in the MAM when your not at base.
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It'd be awesome to have this. If there were a way to also label stations and create a dedicated passenger that allows you to choose your stop and notifies you when you arrive.
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you can already label stations
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Labeling is great but if there's no incorporation of it in to any type of function (selecting station to stop at) then everything might as well be labeled generic train station name.
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