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Steps that led to this glitch:

1. Set up train schedule to go to a station.

2. Arrive at station with train where it stops (last station / incomplete loop)

3. Cancel schedule

4. Start building more track ahead of the last station

5. drive out of station (on screen blinking warning saying that no schedule is there for this train)

6. Delete some track behind the train (so it couldn't roll backwards that far as im building new track)

7. after rebuilding the deleted track, train automatically starts driving forward, only stopping when i run out of track [THIS IS A BUG BUT SHOULD BE A FEATURE]

8. use this as a really fast method of building track ahead of the train (stand on top of the engine and just slap down rail as it drives forward)

9. Enter train to drive it manually again (first time i got in since i replaced old track)

10. exit train and here's the [BAD BAD BUG]: can no longer build or delete anything, i reload the game and i can build again but if i enter the train and exit i can't build or delete, (F does NOT bring up deleter tool and 1-10 don't bring up building tool). Only solution is to reload and never enter train... any train... I even tried deleting this specific train and making a new one and my building is still broken. Can only open inventory, map, and equipment like gun and explosives. Explosive reloading is buggy.
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I had this bug to

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is your track going in or over water if so the train gives you the effects of swimming untill you go for a swim and hop out of the water. I recommend moving your track
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Interesting case, I'll write this down so we can look into it more
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This has been happening to me for weeks and has been driving me mental.  I never pieced together that it had anything to do with the water.  I thought it was a maybe a mod that was causing it.

I love watching the trains running over the water with the track, and I've built my entire base in this playthrough out in the bay on the west side of the map .. so moving the track isn't really an option (nor should it have to be, really).   I've started avoiding getting in at all costs at this point and gone back to using belts and bouncepads.  At least now I know why and how to clear it without saving and reloading until they fix it.

Also you don't need 10 steps to reproduce .. literally half the time I get out of my train this happens (probably because half the time it's on the water).  The base of my track is just slightly below the surface of the water.  I'll confirm when I get home tonight but I'm reasonably sure that at least sometimes if I get IN on the water the issue will happen no matter where I get out.
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