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So I'm about to completely give up on Satisfactory as I cannot for the life of me get any 1 line stations to work. Every time I go to put stations in the time table I get "Unable to reach next stop".

Here is my setup:

<Station - Freight Platform - Empty ====rail==== Empty - Freight Platform - Station >

<Locomotive - Car - Locomotive>

I've watched half a dozen vids and this should work yeah?

OK solved this before posting but will still upload as I think this is an issue others might like to know about.

SOLUTION: The whole reason why my line wasn't working was that my FREIGHT PLATFORM wasn't built on the same side as my station. Both the station and the freight platform have a side where there's a building and a side that's just platform... they need to be on the same side so they connect up.

This is pretty annoying as it forces your freight platform's in/out conveyors to always be on the right hand side (when looking down the line at your destination)
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well actually the train station has a direction (yellow arrow) in which the train should approach. the freight stations can than be attached in any direction
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No, when creating single rail lines you have to make the stations arrows face out, so there is only one side the freight platform can go.
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The arrow faces out, yes. But then you can you should be able to rotate the freight platform so the loading/unloading ports are on the left or the right. As long as the freight platform is "behind" the train station and not in front of it, as in the train pulls in to the station and stops with the train cars behind it and underneath the crane, it should work. At least it does for me.

I've usually just lined up the train station and freight platform so building part of it is on the same side since it looks better aesthetically to me, but lately I've been experimenting putting it as part of the particular factory it services and just surrounding it with walls so it just looks like part of the factory which makes aesthetics a moot point.
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