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I would love to see an upgradable grenade launcher for nobelisks, eventually seeing it launch either multiple nobelisks per shot or shoot semi-auto style with a large 6-shooter style barrel... because sometimes entire biomes must be flattened
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Oh yea i can imagine 8 drum magazine and spaming nobelisks around the map
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Great for eliminating spiders of all kinds. I don't care if it's Tier 7, but gimme a grenade launcher.
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I'm thinking maybe even a mounted turret that goes on a train or truck that just has a 25 round box mag of nobelisks that it empties in about 10 seconds and you can set it to either remote detonation or impact detention along with single fire, full auto, or three round burst. also no recoil cause its mounted.
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This is a perfect combo: train-mounted grenade launcher. Although I'd be happy to see it as a weapon similar to the Rifle, just with Nobelisks as ammo and small mag (but I support this idea too!)
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i think a grenade launcher would be cool but attaching it to a train and with a turret seems too overpowered...
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I would like to see both a grenade launcher and rocket launcher (maybe grenade t7 rocket t8. Or t8 & t9 respectively)
Grenades would consist of something along the lines of 1 noblisk + 2-8 plastic +10-15 wire
Maybe an alternate would be 3 noblisk + 30-45 quickwire

Rockets = 10 noblisk + 20 aluminium (the one required for mk5 belts) + 25 black powder + 50 quickwire
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