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Hello, I'd like to suggest adding trams, as these are superior and good way to transport people for longer distances. Also, trams are generally very cool.
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What's the difference between a tram and a train with no cargo? Note: none of the current vehicles allow for multiple passengers (unless someone's standing on top).
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Trams could be the first vehicles for mass transport which would be useful for MP games.
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Trains can already be ridden on the top as well as the sides... I wouldn't mind having a **fast** rail-based vehicle solely for player transportation I don't think a "tram" is that.
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Up voted simply because a desire for pedestrian access to automated trains is a constant request.  This is one option that might meet that need.
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I support the idea of a train-connected car that is for passengers only, but that doesn't grant control of the train. Sometimes you just want to hitch a ride on a passing train to get somewhere, or maybe you want to ride the automated route to make sure it's working the way you want it to, or maybe you just want to take a scenic ride while admiring the view or recording a video.
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