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Currently the freight platforms, like the train stations, have a direction (not to mention need to be connected to an existing station or another platform).

This means it may be fairly difficult to optimize the track and belt placements, given that we can't pick the side where the freight station cargo containers are located (and where the inputs / outputs are).

It would be great if we could rotate the freight platforms and if those were independent of the station direction.
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Why not press R while placing freight station modules, than the belt exits change the side. The only issue is that the station needs more space.
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Wait, that works? I'll need to check that! If that's a thing, then that's a valid answer!
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Are you sure that freight platforms are directional? I'm fairly sure you can switch the platforms' facing without a problem. Using left hand face for your belts does mean you can put freight platforms back to back, though you currently have to use a 8x1m foundation spacer due to issues with the train station and empty platform.

The train station is directional, which IMO is a big pain in the rear end.
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The freight platforms are definitely NOT directional. You can rotate them all to either side of the track - or some to each side.

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I'm an idiot. The platforms can easily be rotated using the mouse wheel. I have no idea how I missed this. Either that, or I had a temporary bug where that wasn't possible, but since I can't replicate that, I guess this is it.
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You needed more coffee. Or tea (if you're an alien).
I've had many moment where I too needed more coffee.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one thinking the game is broken only to realize the problem is 18 inches in front of the computer screen.
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