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Seeing this on quite a few of my tracks switches.
Automated trains run perfectly without hickup.

Manual driving, the train ignores a large amount of my switches and seems to be locked into a direction of it's own choosing.

In the below image, you can see the train just taking the right turn, where the signal is set to go to the left.

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Actually, THIS PARTICULAR switch, is operating in reverse.
It goes left when you flip it in the other direction as in the image.

The switch on the other side of the (on the right in the image) works normally.

The other 4 have a mind of their own.
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This could explain the switch that's reversed.
It doesn't explain the other 4 that are locked into a direction and flipping the switch doesn't have any effect at all.

And you can't always lay the left track first, for the above T crossing, you HAVE TO lay the bends first or you end up getting another bug...

Besides, even if the above bend bug is fixed (or worked around by a much larger bend)...  At least ONE of the 3  points of the T crossing WILL have had it's right hand track layed first. (I'll spare you the mathematical proof for this... it's easy to try it on paper, and you'll see).
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Well, but you can trick mathematics:

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Except you can't, because you're going to get both the "too sharp" (this is another bug) AND the "too short" (not a bug) errors.

Hoping it'll get fixed.
And meanwhile. I can semi manually drive the train by setting a single destination in the time table. Which isn't always an option for tracks under construction.
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I actually cover this in a video
But basically as noted below the arrow points up and to the right when you are continuing along the original track. then if the left side is sticking up you'll veer off down the secondary lane.
The confusion however is knowing which way you initially placed the junction as if you chose to do the corner first. The arrow would point like this to continue you along the main track.
If however you didnt the straight line first then you should be continuing down the straight track
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If you have a large train system it becomes impossible to remember which switches work normal and which are reversed.
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