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Apparently i've unlocked compacted coal hours and hours ago and forgot about it, then i got the alternate BP for black powder from a hard drive, i instantly went to check the codex to see how much sulfur i had to gather to make enough compacted coal to unlock it.  

I couldn't find the compacted coal BP in the codex (pressing X and then going in the recipes tab). I tried scrolling, i tried filtering, i tried typing just a couple of letters, nothing. At that point i thought i just didn't unlock compacted coal yet.  

Turns out the only way you can check if you've unlocked compacted coal is from an assembler. Workbenches obviously don't work as you can't make alternate BP from workbenches anymore.

I get that compacted coal might be treated as a base material as it can replace coal for everything, but not being able to see if you've already unlocked it is still really inconvenient.

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I think the issue is, that compacted coal, is threaded like an ore and not a processing step (like an ingot, would).
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That's exactly what i thought when making the post, but being an alternated BP and something you can actually produce through an assembler it would seem natural to have the entry in the codex.
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