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I have a train with 5 carts and a locomotive at each end. The track starts at some mines at station A, then drives to a factory at station B and stops at main base at station C. This is an end station so the train station orientation is facing "away" from the tracks.

Station A has only two cargo platforms because it only needs to load the first two carts.

Station B has four cargo platforms and an empty platform unloads one of the carts from station A and loads the remaining three carts. This station is facing towards station C since it should be stopped at when coming from the mines at station A.

Station C has four cargo platforms to unload one cart loaded form the mine station A and three carts from the factory station B. It is orientated to face "away" from the tracks since it is an end station.

Timetable should tell the train to start at station A, then go to station B and on to station C. Then it should go straight back to station A since it doesn't need to stop at C on the way back. So just set up the timetable in the order A, B, C. Was thinking since it ends with C and starts with A it should go from C to A directly.
So when I activated the timetable the train drove to station A and then said it can't reach the next station. To fix it I tried deleting the timetable and create it again, disassemble the train and place it again and even disassembled station B and placed it again. After these attempts it seemed to work.

But now the train starts by driving to station A but in the timetable shows station B as next stop. Then it drives to station B but shows station C as next stop. Then it drives to station C and shows station C as next stop. Once it completed this route once it says that it can't reach the next target again and says that it wants to go to station B.

Well yeah, station B orientation is wrong when coming from station C but it should not go to station B anyways but go straight to station A to start the timetable at the top. Long story short the timetable does not behave like it should be and can't seem to find a way to fix it.

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The scheduling of bidirectional trains has a bug where it advances the schedule one extra time every time the train changes direction at the station, causing it to eventually skip a station. You can see this happen if you look closely at the schedule when the train leaves a station to the opposite direction to where it came from. Initially the train will stop at where it was supposed to even if the schedule says otherwise, but once it stops it will again advance the schedule and then read the result, ultimately causing it to skip one station. You can work around this by adding the next station after a change of direction twice on the schedule, e.g. A, A, B, B, C, given that the train changes direction at A and C.
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Thank you.
Looked like it was a bug, but you confirmed it. In the end I made two tracks with stations for each to avoid this problem. But thanks for the solution!
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this doesn't seem to work anymore.  the bug that cause the skip also now skips identical entries.  effectively negating this solution.
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That's funny, just yesterday I was revisiting the experiment I set up to test and confirm something that was discussed on reddit and it still behaved just as before. Are you running the newer version they rolled back yesterday? I was running 102023.
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If I read your post correctly...

If you want to keep using a bidirectional train, then it seems the timetable would be A-B-C-A so it (hopefully) would skip B on the way back.

Or, go with one locomotive and make the A-B-C stops a loop.

Hope this helps. I've had my own struggles as well. Good luck!
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As far as i get it, you either need a track to loop out of your station, around and back to the track before the station, or you have two station buildings at each stop, allowing a train to exit from either side.
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Putting the first station at last position in the timetable didn't help either.
Now I just took the middle station apart and made two out of it. One train going from A to B and another going from B to C.
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The problem isnt where ieach station is. The stations have arrows on them. Trains can only stop and exit if they are traveling in the same direction as the arrows. So having a train at both ends of your connected train with thier own station, each facing a different way, should allow the trains to travel both ways. Or, put a loop at each end.
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The train has a locomotive at each end. It can drive in each direction just fine. It just won't drive from station C back to A and restart the timetable.
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So I tested last night. I managed to do it with 1 station at each platform, and no loops. The train moved fine. It may be a bug on your particular train line. Have you tried doing the same thing on a different one? It may be that you need to remake some of your line.
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