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So i have a pretty big base at the moment and when i want to add assemblers, constructors, etc to the System i often have to check out how much Input i have on a belt, like i can calculate that the Frame Production uses lets say 300 Iron ore. But i cannot see how much Iron Ore is Produced and put on that specific Belt unless i walk aaaall the way to the Miner which sometimes is really far away.

So my suggestion would be to actually see the Input on that specific belt by looking at it or by opening some kind of inventory or specific belt reader building. This would save so much time.
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I mean you could just set it up, let it run for a min or 2, then check the production rate. If its under 100% then just wait a cycle and see what it dosn't get enough of
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that way i still dont know how much input im missing and i would have to wait about 2 minutes and then even check out the whole set up just to figure out what and if something is missing.

and that was my point: i wanted a fast solution. if i can see how much iron is transported on the belt immedeately i dont need to spend 15 minutes recapturing how much the set up needs and what the input was and so on. (running 5 minutes to the miner to see what the output is running back ... )

if u have a 200 hour set up u might not remember exactly how much input everything has and i often use too much input in case i want to use power shards. that means a set up that needs 200 can be fed 600 and if i see the belt is currently transporting 600 the set up needs 200 i can just split of 400 for something else.
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I just run everything at 100% and memorize the production rates and node purities then add up and subtract for all the machines running off it. I count what machines are taking what at the factory and the memorization of the miner productions are so I don't have to do all the walking your talking about but I do see where your coming from.
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I like the idea, I would imagine it as having an Icon and number above the directional arrow.

The difficult part is what number gets displayed, Ideally available (100% resources efficiency/consumption) or currently available (A sleeping line that gets woken up later would mess with the number).
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