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Currently it is not possible to wear the Jetpack and the Blade runners at the same time. But what about some kind of exosuit or exoskeleton that combines those Items and gives all the bonuses?

Maybe it could be running on some S.A.M based mini Generator or just use normal Fuel or maybe only Turbo Fuel.

i feel like it could be a tier 8 or 9 Suit that could have those features:

-Running speed and jumping height, decreased fall damage ( Blade Runners )
- Short flying ( as the exoskeleton is heavy u maybe use more Fuel on Recharging the Fuel Bar) ( Jetpack)
- Emergency Parachute ( Parachute)
- Gas Immunity ( Gas Mask)
- Increses Inventory Space a little bit more again
-maybe decreasing gun recoil

It would be built by Combining all the Items mentioned above:
Blade Runners
Gas Mask
And other Items like steel, supercomputers and so on
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You could also make it out of aluminum as thats a light metal and you could have the emergency parachute deploy about 5 meters from the ground if the jet pack fuel bar is empty or a special hotkey is pressed.
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I've been wondering what they would do for the late game and keep hearing request for multiple body slots and for jetpack to use turbo fuel. This the the best answer I have heard yet!
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thank you :)

 i just think an exosuit/exoskeleton would just really make sense, ( ever heard about work place safety?!) and it fits perfectly in the technology level of the game.

 Now that i think of it if we really would stretch it the exosuit could also have an emergency heal inserter but i think that would be too overpowered if there is no boss fights or something really dangerous in the late game. (it would run on Heal Inhalers obviously so it only works if heal inhalres are available.)

Also im an engineer so why not engineer something cool for it!  (if the company gives me the blueprints :P)
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If they decide to keep us at only 1 body slot another option would be to have us research those all those pieces in the M.A.M. and have it all combine together through recipes.
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I dont know about the parachute and gas mask, but I definitely support the idea for combining the benefits of the blade runner and the jetpack, since both affect movement. When I'm building my base, I'm constantly changing between the two and sometimes I take fall damage because I forgot that I didn't have the jetpack equiped.
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