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Starting all over again can be fun, but there is one thing that is kind of annoing until u get coal. Refilling those Biomass burners all the time. I mean it makes sense to just burn the flora of a remote Planet to gain Power but would it be possible to maybe add some other simple Power Generation Building aswell?

For Example a Windmill? It wouldnt produce as much as the biomass Burner ( maybe 5-10 Power) but provide enough Power to release some pressure on the Power Network. Just some Brainstorming as maintaining 200-300 Power with Biomass Burners can be annoing at some point :P
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Perhaps maybe mark 1, 2, and 3 wind turbines using rotors, motors, and turbo motors and generating up to 5-25, 25-125, and 100-500 MW respectively with power output going up and down based on positioning and they could add in a system of air currents that would affect both wind turbine power output and possibly player movement speed when in the air with parachutes(and maybe a wind glider). They would probably also be as tall as the lookout tower for the mk I, the coal generators smokestack for the mk II, and the radar tower for the mk III and would unlock at tiers 3, 5, and 8 respectively so they don't make coal and fuel generators completely worthless.
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nice idea. they also would need a radius where u can not place another wind turbine, else u could just spam them for infinite power. i also think 500 MW is a bit too much, they should be better then the Thermal Generator and Fuel Generator but one Windmill producing 50% of a nuclear Power Plant? that sounds odd. I think 250 -300 should be max for mk III.

Also they could add Wind Mill locations where u place 1-3 similar to the Thermal Generator that could also be an option. But i really like your idea that sounds nice.
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Well the mk III would be tier 8 which is even higher than the nuclear power plant and requires turbo motors and 500 MW is only a fifth of the 2500 MW the nuclear power plant provides. I could also see moving it up to tier 9 whenever they add that. On the issue of placement there would be wind currents pre-programmed all over the map based on the local terrain and  the power they generate would fluctuate based on local wind speed with some areas having higher wind speed tendencies than others and some locations being basically wind tunnels. Also the blades on the turbines would be half the turbines height in length and placing them in front of each other would diminish the production of the further back ones so they would have to be placed side to side to achieve maximum efficiency and since wind currents would fluctuate in most places they wouldn't be the most reliable. Finally the tiers each one unlocks in were chosen so that they are each one space elevator activation away from the materials they're made of and they produce around half as much power as the power generators from the previous space elevator tier making them more balances but requiring around twice as many turbines as the number of generators previously used.
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You are right 1/5 ofc... i dont know where my math has gone there xD
Then i agree. 500 is a good way to go.

Im just a bit worried that freely buildable wind turbines could be abused even if there is wind currents, and wind speeds. but 50 Turbines producing maybe 20.000 power doesnt sound too overpowered as well considering that there maybe will be another source of power in the later game that will produce more then 2.500.

 But! Wind turbines dont consume any source of resource after beeing built. and electric motors even if they are expensive can be built in masses when automated right? and under that point 20.000 does sound a little bit too much again for me. if wind turbines wouldnt be really really expensive or have some kind of resource consumption they could be overpowered. Maybe they could actually consume the kind of motor they are used to built with after a while simulating deterioration.

Im happy we have someone here who likes that idea that much u have good ideas thermicsphere.

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Biomass/Biofuel, is just suppose to be an early game messure, while you gather the stuff needed to unlock the space elevator and coal.
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yea but it would be more of a quality of life building i think to smoothen the gap between coal and biofuel generators, if we can use it in late game that would be nice aswell because why not have more power building? :)
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