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The game is very hand-holding at the start. I feel like I should be given the opportunity to try and figure out how to progress before the game explains what to do.
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Well, that is the point of a tutorial after all, to help you understand how the game progresses. But later on, having this option will be useful, in case you start the game again, and you already know what to do.
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Especially as I've restarted 3 times so far :)  Don't scan harddrives yet, and don't fall into a ravine while looking for a good place to put your hub :)
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My main thinking on this was that this game instills a massive sense of wonder due to how nice it looks and how new everything is - and the tutorial spoiled that for me for the first 30 minutes. The checklist on the left especially; I wanted to figure things out for myself. I understand the purpose of a tutorial, I would just prefer to be able to disable it.
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If nothing else but for the second time around, or the second play through, it should be allowed to be disabled. I'd even argue that we should start further in the second time out..

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No! The answer to my own question. I still think it should be possible though.
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