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My "problem" is, that even if a platform is empty, you can not lead your conveyor belts above it at a normal height, as its hitbox is as tall as the one of a normal freight platform. Of course you should raise your belts above the trains anyhow, at least to avoid visual "collision" with the trains, but at a certain reasonable point you should be able to build. This would require to lower the hitbox height for empty platforms.

Sometime it can be problematic / visually disturbing / ineffective to go round the whole station with your batch of belts, especially if you have a looong station for many cars, just to be able to lead your belts to the other side in the air high above.
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A type of platform with an input and output on either side would be really usefull.
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I've been pondering this issue when trying to design a transfer station for trains. My advice is to build parallel stations on top of subfloors. A tall foundation of space can accomodate two belts stacked on top of each without clipping of you use thin foundations as the "roof" of your subfloor underneath the stations.  For each belt level you stack, you can cross underneath one station.  If you want to cross one station, use the topmost belt. If you need to cross four, use the fourth from the top.

So if have five stations in parallel, you need at least five stacks if your outermost freight stations point away from each other, and three if they face each other.  Between each station you might need a bus to rearrange the order of items coming straight from their origin stations to their destinations.
Alternatively, you can have a dedicated logistics level below the stations.

If you just want to get to the other side of one station one foundation is all you need.
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