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This hasn't been a huge issue for me quite so far, but I'm sure it's happened to one or two people. I use the explorer as I don't have trains laid out quite yet, and even then, sometimes I'll want to drive it around for the heck of it or for, of course, exploring. However, the issue is that some truck stations are in the way of some of the paths I need to take. They can't be moved due to how much space is available in certain areas and the truck/tractor pathing system gets them caught on everything else in the process.

The issue here isn't the trucks/tractors, it's the fact that my explorer runs on fuel. I store extra fuel in the storage of the explorer so when it runs out or is low, I can easily refill with no hassle or having to stop somewhere or hold it in my own inventory. Sometimes if I drive near an unload station and get too close, it will snag that fuel and put it into a place that doesn't need fuel, like coal generators or smelters.

I'm suggesting that maybe truck stations can be set to receive certain items, and/or specific vehicle types. For instance, turn accepting input/output from explorers off as an option in the station itself so that when you drive even remotely close with the explorer, it doesn't steal the inventory of your explorer, thus clogging up the conveyors and lines with items that are not needed in that area.

It's just an irritating thing that happens and most times I don't catch it until it's already impacted my production greatly, in the case of coal generators, loosing power to the majority of my facility due to a stack or two of fuel getting into the lines. Then it's a good few minutes wasted while I clean up the truck station problem and hope it doesn't happen again.
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+1 for this.

I have a similar feature request that I was just about to register when I read your post.

My idea was a "smart/programmable truck station" with "smart trucks". A truck station that can serve as BOTH pickup and delivery, depending on which vehicle that comes in, and also as you mentioned, the possibility to control which vehicles should pickup/deliver what goods.

My situation is that I have a truck station with 3 good types coming into it, and I would like to share that truck station with several trucks, and have a certain truck to only pick up a certain good.
That way, I am able to in a more elegant way and more precisely control what goods get delivered where.

My exact example is that I want to transport only fuel from truck station A (that stores both fuel, rubber and plastics), to truck station B.
I would also like truck station B to be able to both receive the fuel, and also deliver other goods with other trucks. Station B has no automated access to any fuel type.

My current solution to my situation requires splitters and duplicate stations for fuel pickup, and a duplicate station for fuel delivery, which I guess works, but I would like a more elegant solution.

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Several months ago, I, along with a few others.. made suggestions regarding this.

Here is the link to my personal post form June :


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